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Ball Board and Best Contact by Group

President: Lance Egan, 698-0008, [email protected]
Vice President: Jeff Martin, 672-5906, [email protected]
Secretary & Web: Tyler Johnson, 839-6750, [email protected]
Treasurer & BB Agent: Chad Lambourne, 850-4434, [email protected]
Safety Officer: Barry McKenzie, 839-3778, [email protected]
Softball Player Agent: Jaime Nelson, 281-2818, [email protected]
VP T-Ball: Matt Desin, 671-4000, [email protected]
VP Coach Pitch: Derek Waddoups, 801 388-1897, [email protected]
VP Minors: Nick Schneider, 690-7173, [email protected]
VP 9/10 Majors: Justin Moser, 698-8063, [email protected]
VP 11/12 Majors: Tyler Johnson, 839-6750, [email protected]
VP Juniors/Seniors: Pat Dugan, 698-2283, [email protected]
VP Softball: Jared Harris,  671-0016, [email protected]
Facilities/Grounds: David Sessoms, 224-7111, [email protected]
Umpire-in-Chief: Jeff Martin, 672-5906, [email protected]
Uniforms and Equipment: Paul Reinker, 698-3717, [email protected]
Food Services and Security: Anna Wessell, 839-5379, [email protected]
Food Services and Security: Bob Goetz, 839-1234, [email protected]
Sponsorships & Awards: Shane Heigis, 698-9588, [email protected]